Your clean home is our business.

Can we take a big task off your list of ‘things to do’?


You have a lot going on, and we can help by producing a clean, orderly house while you’re doing something else. Your attention is needed many other places, but when you turn it back toward home, you’ll have a house cleaned well – and just the way you want it!

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What We Offer

Residential Cleaning

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Regular Cleaning


Deep Cleaning


Custom Cleaning

Regular Cleaning

Our list of regular services is designed to give your home a good basic cleaning by taking care of the following:

  • Kitchens – cleaning inside the microwave as well as surface cleaning of all cabinets, appliances, counter tops, sink, and floor
  • Bathrooms – cleaning for all sinks, showers, tubs, toilers, mirrors, and floor
  • Bedrooms – dusting ceiling fans, dresser, night stands, and floor
  • Laundry rooms – surface cleaning for washer, dryer, counter tops, and floor
  • General – cleaning glass surfaces on doors and light switch covers; emptying trash bins

Deep Cleaning

For deep cleaning, we provide all the services listed as regular cleaning, but we also include the following services for each room:

  • dust the blinds
  • clean window sills ledges
  • wipe down the baseboards

Custom Cleaning

You may need our regular cleaning services, or you may need different ones from time to time. So, with our custom cleaning services, you can decide how you want your home cleaned, and we’ll design a package especially for you.

  • Want your china cabinet cleaned out? No problem.
  • Like to have a load of laundry done? We can help.
  • Want dusting and carpets vacuumed one week and bathrooms cleaned the next? We’ll schedule it that way.

If you have special considerations or an unusual schedule, just let us know and we’ll take care of your custom cleaning routine (or custom cleaning projects).

Where We Clean

We serve Brownsburg, Indiana and the surrounding areas including Avon, Danville, Eagle Creek and West Indianapolis.

What We Use

If you have any alternatives as far as the materials and products we use such as floor cleaner or disinfectant spray, we’re happy to apply that instead. This is your home, and we care about your preferences.

Vinegar & Water

This is our go-to cleaner for floors. We’ve found that the proper mix of vinegar and water just works wonders on floors, leaving them freshly clean without steaks or films. There’s no ‘vinegar’ odor because we mix correctly, and the solution is completely safe for young children and babies who may spend a lot of time exploring your floors!

Multi-purpose Disinfectant

The countertops in kitchen and bathrooms get a lot of ‘touch time’ and we clean those surfaces thoroughly using a multi-purpose disinfectant. We’ll swipe away any germs and grime to make those surfaces fresh and clean for you.

Swiffer Dusters

Dust is inevitable, collecting on furniture, blinds, and ceiling fans – but it will cling to our Swiffer dusters as we use them to scoop away the accumulated film. You’ll come back to that great ‘clearness’ that comes from having freshly dusted rooms.

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

You care for your furniture and other possessions, and so do we. That’s way we use microfiber cleaning cloths. Their fiber and weave are engineered to capture dirt and grime without scratching surfaces. They’re absorbent and have a firm grip but a soft touch.

Who We Are

Our Mission

We want this to be a comfortable fit for you as well as a valuable service. We’ll walk through your home or business and map out a plan that suits you and your housekeeping needs. And then you’ll have a specific cleaner assigned to you – someone who comes to do your cleaning every time (except for vacation times).

This allows you to build a relationship of trust with your cleaning professional.

Our History

At the core of our company is a group of people who’ve known and worked together for many years. We hire very carefully and work hard to create a company culture of appreciation.

When you hire Home Clean Home, you’re getting a cleaning service from someone who is known and valued by our company – and will be known and valued by you as well!

What People Say

Home Clean Home does a great job with my home. They are consistent and reliable. They are flexible with my schedule if needed. It’s one less thing I have to worry about. Glad to have found them!

Lacy E.

Wow! Home Clean Home makes coming home amazing….. picture this…..7:00 am rushing around, house is a mess, almost missed the bus, wore two different shoes to work….ugggg, then suddenly while eating lunch you remember your house is getting cleaned! Yes this is my feeling once a week! I get to come home to a fresh house! No need to stay at home because these ladies are local, trustworthy community members that will clean your house while you are away or home! Ohhhh did I mention the price is better than any other cleaners I have had in the past! Outstanding service and pricing… I LOVE Home Clean Home!


HOME CLEAN HOME IS A CLEANING SERVICE you can trust. Home Clean Home has been cleaning our office and home for just over one year and it is a pleasure to come home or to the office to the clean house/office each time they are there. The staff are Friendly and Honest and if we have a special request for the week – the staff are willing to comply with our requests and do an excellent job. I strongly recommend the services of Home Clean Home!

Dori M.

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